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As a hybrid Mental Health Professional, Holistic Health Coach, and Personal Trainer, I offer an Integrative Trauma-Informed Online Coaching program to help men and women stop the struggle against themselves and integrate body, mind, and soul for holistic weight loss and lifelong health. Everyone has unique needs, desires, and resources – whether you’re looking to simply learn the science of our mind-body-soul system as it relates to disordered eating or hoping to work through your emotional blocks together in real time, I like to personalize the coaching experience to meet the needs of each individual. My integrative, strengths-based approach is strongly informed by Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as Internal Family Systems Theory and psychoeducation (for the psych folks out there). My sessions are conducted online, so I am fortunate enough to work individually with men and women all over the world. If you are interested in working together, please click here to fill out my coaching application form.

I have found that my system works best for these groups of people:

  1. Emotional and stress eaters who turn to food, eating, dieting, and/or weight loss for comfort.
  2. Yoyo and/or chronic dieters who have lost and gained weight multiple times despite following their programs PERFECTLY.
  3. Hardworking, driven, determined go-getterswho have succeeded in most or all areas of life except weight loss.
  4. Men and women who have struggled to manage/control their weight from a young age or for their entire lives

When you sign up to work with me, we’ll start off with a one-on-one video call to talk about your goals and history. From there, we will develop a customized plan to move you through the following steps:


The first portion of the program consists of psychoeducation. You deserve to understand the consequences of your decisions; in order for you to be in the driver’s seat of your health, you have to be informed about what is actually going on inside of you when you think, feel, and do certain things. It’s not always what you’d expect or desire, but learning this information lays the groundwork for sustainable change. You will be informed about how exactly the mind and body are connected and your outlook will begin to shift. We’ll break down the overview of how to go from where you are now to where you want to be. What exactly does this process look like and how do you get the most from it?


We’ll reveal the root causes of your issues with food, eating, and your body. We’ll work together to uncover the reasons behind your current “self-sabotage” and occasional “lack of motivation.” We’ll evaluate your current lifestyle, stressors, triggers, strengths, and challenges to get a clear vision of what we’re working with and finally make sense out of your confusing, frustrating, and out of control behaviors. You will be able to actually comprehend how exactly you got here [and how exactly you’ll get out]. The dots begin to connect and you’ll begin to see – it’s not your fault. It never has been. 


You’ll learn how to design a lifestyle that lends itself to natural, effortless weight loss and health. You will build new habits and start giving up those no longer serving you. It will make sense why your stress, emotion, eating habits, and weight are all deeply connected. Best part is, now you’ll know what to do about it. You’ll build a system of healthy coping skills and learn how, when, and what to do with your feelings [instead of eating (or starving) them].


This step is about the ongoing evolution, unfolding, and maintenance of a healthy mind-body-soul connection and mindset. As you move through the process, we’ll be able to break through the daily challenges of changing your mindset together, so you learn to embody the new approach with my guidance. I know a whole lot of shortcuts and tricks because I’ve walked much of the path myself; you’ll collect them as you go.


We’ll talk about your plan for moving forward and how to set you up for success. This program is built upon the principle that you live in this body for the rest of your life, so the “mental maintenance” plan is not to be overlooked. I won’t lie, it can be challenging to think and act differently than a diet-focused society, so I care a lot about supporting you throughout the transition into your new reality.

Weight - Health Chart Available for free download.

My Mind-Body-Soul Connector Course is a high touch coaching program that gives you 1-on-1 support to help you achieve your goals in a way that will work for the rest of your life.

You will receive:

  • 1-hour video calls with me each week.
  • At home exercises to complete to deepen your integration of the material in real life.
  • Daily support via a FB group with only other individuals who have completed the program.
  • Email accessibility to me throughout for any questions/concerns along the way.
  • Access to free, exclusive resources only shared with my clients.

“There are definitely not enough words to describe the amazing and wonderful human being Lisa Schlosberg is. She’s not just a therapist, fitness, and health coach, she is a healer and has become my mentor. She’s an extremely wise woman that knows exactly what and how to say the things you need to listen in order to start working on your overall well-being. The World needs to listen to her, she is indeed life changing. I now exercise and eat better because I want to. I take care of my body, my mind, and my soul because it is my wish, and no one else´s, to do it. I’ve learned how to heal old wounds, how to love myself no matter what and how to worry less about the things I cannot control. If I now feel so fulfilled, it is definitely because of her. I am and forever will be thankful with you, Lisa!!  I love you very much!!” – Ivette M.

“Trust me when I say I wasn’t sure “it would work.” I wasn’t even sure what “IT” was… If you are anything like me, you always do for others. It’s time to do you! It’s time to invest in your mental, emotional, and physical health… and YES, they are all VERY connected. (Something I had to learn). I’ve learned coping mechanisms, the importance of positive self-talk, and how to be kind and patient with myself. I no longer label food as “good” or “bad” and am more in tune with my body, both emotionally and physically. Once I felt my feelings, I stopped eating them. I highly recommend taking this step and speaking with her. She will not disappoint. Lisa has been such a blessing. She continues to teach me so much about myself throughout this process. It has not been easy, but what I can promise you is if you are willing to do the work everything will change. Thank you, Lisa!” – Kate

“Lisa has opened the door to a new reality for me! With her help I’m starting to examine why I’ve been stuck in this cycle and ways to be free from it. I’m still learning and practicing the concepts that Lisa is sharing with me but I can report that everything she’s offered has been immediately actionable and makes sense. If you are looking to break free from habits that are no longer serving you or supporting your goals, Lisa offers a way out that is not tied to any products or workouts. I’m beyond grateful to Lisa for her guidance and support in helping me become the best version of myself!” – Kristen

“Working with Lisa has completely opened my eyes to what my relationship with food has been for most of my life. She has helped me to differentiate what my beliefs are in comparison to others and how to work through that. She has helped me to work to love my body and allow myself to be okay with discomfort and to accept a process. She finds a way to comprehend food in a way that adults and children understand. You only have one body for the rest of your life and she supports people to work through challenges to see that your body is worth caring for. If you want a contemporary and empowering way of learning about the relationship between food and your body without the primary focus on weight, I guarantee she can support you. She helps you see that your worth is much much greater than your size and this is critical.” – Alyssa F.


Click here to fill out my (quick) coaching application. Once I receive an email that you’ve completed it, I’ll reach out to schedule your free consultation 🙂 Let’s do this!

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