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Where do I even begin? Before I met Lisa I never thought about where my weight loss issues began. I was constantly on diets growing up but then would gain my weight back plus some. Lisa made me realize that diet fads don’t work and that I needed a life style change.  She would question me saying “what happens when the diet is over? Now what? What happens when you stop counting calories/tracking your food intake?” She really opened my eyes to look at food differently and going into it with a different mindset.  She makes me think, and I hate thinking. I am used to people giving me answers and telling me what to do and how to do it. Not Lisa. She makes you use your mind and dig into those feelings. Even when she trains me, there are exercises I do that will make me feel uncomfortable, but uncomfortable is a good thing and it has made me a stronger person. Lisa is such a great person to work with.

– Cori S. (in person client)

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