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Lisa has changed the way I view eating and living a healthy lifestyle IN EVERY WAY. I’ve always seen myself as the whole problem (the yo yo dieting, the constant diet plans since I’m 12 years old) instead of seeing the diet world/food industry as at least half or even MORE of the problem. She’s helped me find what’s really important: the way I FEEL when I eat well, live an active lifestyle. I’m a classic “I turn to food when I’m sad, anxious, angry” person. Instead of that, I now meditate, listen to music that makes me feel good, call a friend, work on a project at home, or do a 30 min workout that I ENJOY doing. Following a strict diet plan or counting calories/points/macros-whatever it is, just doesn’t work in the long run, plus it’s not important to me anymore. And Lisa has helped me break through all my anxiety and work through it in a healthier way. Plus her circuit workouts KILLL! But you know you’re getting the best workout/therapy session while listening to bomb music. – Deanna G. (in person client)

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