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“Trust me when I say I wasn’t sure “it would work.” I wasn’t even sure what “IT” was… If you are anything like me, you always do for others. It’s time to do you! It’s time to invest in your mental, emotional, and physical health… and YES, they are all VERY connected. (Something I had to learn). Lisa is unlike any therapist I’ve ever worked with before. I’ve learned coping mechanisms, the importance of positive self-talk, and how to be kind and patient with myself. I no longer label food as “good” or “bad” and am more in tune with my body, both emotionally and physically. Once I felt my feelings, I stopped eating them. I highly recommend taking this step and speaking with her. She will not disappoint. Lisa has been such a blessing. She continues to teach me so much about myself throughout this process. It has not been easy, but what I can promise you is if you are willing to do the work everything will change. Thank you, Lisa! You are a blessing!!” – Kate H.

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