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“I found Lisa when I was in a very dark place with respect to my relationship to food and my body.  I was literally searching for someone to tell me what to do – how to eat, which exercises to do, how much, and when, so that I could keep losing weight and not gain it back.  But it turned out that wasn’t what I needed at all.  I needed my conversations with Lisa in order to start having the right conversations with myself.  In a very challenging time in my life (and in the world), because of her, I feel in control and strong.  I see diet culture everywhere, and with each session I feel more comfortable rejecting it and instead, I am able to navigate through each day with “health” as my North Star.  Lisa is hilarious, genuine, knowledgeable, and so approachable/flexible.  She lifts people up by helping them get to know themselves (which is how ANY of this works…) and I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough if you’re ready tap into the true potential of your mental, physical, and emotional health!” – Rebecca D.

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