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Working with her has been such a valuable experience. She has touched me deeply. Personally. When I first heard Lisa’s unique take around health, weight and body image, it was eye-opening and refreshing. I knew that this was the way forward for me.

My weight is something I have struggled with my whole life and I’ve been morbidly obese since at least middle school. I yoyo dieted through my twenties and into my thirties, always gaining everything back and then some. Several years ago, I felt out of options and had gastric sleeve surgery. I lost a large amount of weight very quickly, only to gain about a third of it back just as rapidly. That was the lowest point.

Weight, surgery, and battles with chronic pain and illness had taken a toll, and I felt so much shame and completely disconnected from my body’s needs.

Working with Lisa, I started to understand how I got here and why I have the relationship with food that I have. I learned it wasn’t all about food and body image, but that food and body image were all about everything else. I’ve gained so much insight about myself. Understanding brought a compassion for myself that I had never had before.

I have learned solid techniques that allow me to ditch diet culture forever, eat mindfully, feel into my emotions, find true connection with what my body needs, and 
gain confidence in living from my truth in all areas of my life.  

Unlike a diet or exercise coaching plan, this is a perspective-shift. My journey didn’t last the number of weeks we met — it has just begun, and Lisa has provided me with the map and supplies I need to continue traveling the road ahead.

Lisa’s insightful cross-disciplined approach, her contagious warmth and glow, and her ability to deeply connect with empathy, makes this a truly life-changing experience. — Abby

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