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Emotional Eating & Chronic Pain: Exploring the Overlap for Health & Healing


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Emotional Eating & Chronic Pain: Exploring the Overlap for Health & Healing

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About this Event:

Have you been struggling with emotional, compulsive, or “disordered” eating? Is your journey with TMS bringing up your body image issues? Are you making progress with your chronic pain just to stumble upon weight fluctuations or uncontrollable weight gain? All of these experiences are normal, safe, and appropriate — there are answers, I promise. This workshop is designed to help you connect the dots so you can move forward in your healing journey without getting lost in the distraction of dieting, mainstream weight loss, and/or trying to change your physical body.

There’s a reason I myself developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) after rapidly losing 150 pounds following an entire lifetime of morbid obesity: We can’t solve an emotional problem with a physical solution. In this 2-hour virtual event, I will teach you how to unpack, understand, and integrate the internal wisdom hidden within this inner conflict so you can feel free from the fear, stress, and anxiety it may be causing you right now.

As Nicole Sachs always says regarding chronic pain: “This is not an epidemic of pain, this is an epidemic of fear.” The struggle around food, eating, weight, body image, and exercise is no different. I am so excited to have this opportunity to help you apply the same approach to your relationship with food, because I know firsthand the peace and vitality this awareness and insight can bring. Please join me!

“Lisa Schlosberg, LMSW is an expert in emotional eating, body image, and the mind/body connection as it pertains to all things food.” – Nicole Sachs


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Speech: “The Mind-Body Connection: Disordered Eating, Dieting, and Obesity:


Bio: Lisa Schlosberg combines her expertise as a Social Worker (MSW), Certified Personal Trainer, Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach and public speaker to help emotional eaters and chronic dieters around the world achieve mind-body-soul health and happiness. Exploring a menu of holistic healing techniques helped Lisa understand how her own lifelong morbid obesity was a physical symptom of psychological stress, unexpressed emotion, and unprocessed trauma. Having successfully lost and maintained 150 pounds, Lisa’s mission is now to help men, women, and children overcome similar struggles by supporting them through the process of healing so they can live a life they love in the healthy body they were meant to have. She is passionate about helping her clients understand their individual relationships to food, eating, and weight management so they can give up dieting and self-loathing forever.

5 reviews for Emotional Eating & Chronic Pain: Exploring the Overlap for Health & Healing

  1. Abby

    “For anyone struggling with their relationship to food, body image and/or chronic pain, this workshop is a must. Lisa’s insight is truly eye-opening and transformational — helping me to connect dots I didn’t see before and removing the shame and fear that keep me stuck. I will be returning to this again and again.” – Abby

  2. Phil

    “I took so much away from this workshop. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the connection between emotional eating/dieting/body image and to understand that they are all just manifestations of the same internal conflict that drives other issues such as addictions, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Lisa brings so much heart and positive energy to her work and is truly inspiring.” – Phil

  3. Ariel

    “I can’t express just how amazing Lisa and her workshop was! She is so thorough and her passion for helping others is clearly what makes her heart sing. I will be telling everyone about her and her work!” – Ariel

  4. Kathryn

    “During this workshop, you will learn about yourself and the reasons behind emotional eating. Lisa is incredibly relatable and she has organized the information so that it is easy to digest and understand. I highly recommend this workshop for those searching for increased mindfulness, self-awareness, and personal growth.” – Kathryn

  5. Charlotte

    “As someone who struggles with TMS and food issues I found Lisa’s workshop incredibly helpful. Amazing content and lots of actionable steps to help my recovery. I thoroughly recommend this course.” – Charlotte

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